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poMMO free mass mail

Categories: PHP

Well this week I had to find a mass mailing tool for my work to send e-mails to thousand of users (10.000+). One of the company’s clients wanted to send a newsletter to their members so we had to find a product to do this for us and we didn’t…


TinyMCE filemanager in Expression Engine

Categories: ExpressionEngine PHP

Recently one of my customers requested to easilly add pictures and manage files that users could download. The only problem with this was that Expression Engine by default has no easy solution in doing so. I’ve tried some free solutions like iBrowser, but none of them had an intuitive interface…


ExpressionEngine, how and why?

Categories: ExpressionEngine PHP

One of the best CMS-systems (to my humble opinion) I came across not so long ago is ExpressionEngine. A highly scalable system allow to add new functionality and a system that has a huge community behind it. The headaches The strongest point about ExpressionEngine is that is supports multiple way’s…


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