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Windows cd-player error 39 in device manager

Categories: Windows

When windows doesn’t show your cd-player on this computer and device manager reports an error 39. Uninstall driver in device manager and search for hardware Check if you can start a bootable cd from the BIOS, like the WindowsXP install CD If not bootable Check BIOS settings Pull out the…


Method SendMail of object _Workbook failed

Categories: Other Windows

This week I had to help a relative with his computer (unfortunately the problem with having ICT-skills is that you can help with every small computer problem of n00bs).On his computer he uses an Excel-macro to fill in a competition-table and send that to the people who where on a…


Advanced spyware removal

Categories: Windows

Spyware now a day’s isn’t the easy to remove junk like it used to be. It no longer places itself on logical locations like the Run-registry key’s that you would usually find it. So harder measures are required to remove this junk. In this post some tricks I found to…


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