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Firefox configure as anonym webbrowser

Increase anonymity on the web by adding some usefull ‘addons’ and adjusting a setting in the webbrowser.


The plugin Cookie Monster allowes you to manage what cookies are allowed and what cookies should be blocked. In order to keep away from frustration the addon has the possibility to remember website’s it should allow cookies to be used on.


The plugin NoScript blocks all active elements in a webpage like JavaScript, Java, Flash etc.. that are most of the time used to show ads in your screen and possible leaks in your security.


Almost every webbrowser sends a referer along when openening a website. A referer is nothing more than the website URL you where on before you open a new webpage. To disable this is easy:

about:config, Say you edit the config on your own responsibility, search for ‘Referer’ and set the value to zero 0.

User-Agent Switcher

Another thing the webbrowser send’s along when connecting to website’s is:

  • The OS (Windows XP, Windows Vista)
  • The webbrowser name (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari)
  • The webbrowser version (3.02)
  • The webbrowser renderer version

All this information is combined as the ‘User-Agent’ that a webbrowser send’s to every website it visits. Firefox also has a neat addon to hide this information from website’s. The addon is called Modify Headers.

Note: In order to use the Modify-Headers addon set the option that it’s alway’s on in the settings of the addon and add a new entry called Modify for the item ‘user-agent’

The secret life of your webbrowser

If you are wandering what other information your webbrowser is sending to all website’s it visits have a look at the Header Viewer



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