Product Development with an emphasis on User eXperience.

About Me

RootDev is a one man army focussed on building awesome websites. I love doubting every small option of a website and try to improve it to the fullest for the customer to enjoy.

I love writing code in C/C++/Go/NodeJS/PHP/CSS/EcmaScript but just as much enjoy working in the CLI on Unix stuff. :)

Our Services

Software Development writing backend- and frontend software. Having multiple years of experience with JavaScript, PHP, NodeJS(unfortunately :p), Go and a passion to write CSS/HTML on the frontend with Bootstrap :)

Usenet.Today offering Usenet access without any nonsense.


RootDev is built around open-source. As so we try to share what we can.

  • RadiusD, radius-daemon written in Go;
  • SMTPw, never lose an email when the SMTP-server fails;
  • Deltareport, diff one or more files and queue for processing;

And some occasional contributions to the NodeJS community.

For those interested in my *caugh* corporate history, starting at small startups (of around 8 ppl) that were later on acquired and be working in big company's (100+ ppl).



Mobile: (+31) 6 13 99 09 98



Citrien 8
Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands